Sunday, April 13, 2008

Little Odessa, Russia, Brighton Beach, NY

Have in a weekend with S.O. is a big treat, needless to say I often work weekends and to have two entire days of time to relax is a big deal for us both.

A culinary adventure was in order. S.O. had never been to Brighton Beach to visit the Russian community so we headed out to go to a Russian restaurant for lunch followed by a trip to my favorite Deli M&I.

By the time we got there we were starving so we first headed to the Oceanview Diner to have a bite. There is no ocean view, but they do have FOOD. It is located at 290 Brighton Beach Avenue for those of you making a field trip.

We shared a smoked fish platter which was sublime. Smoky, not to salty, moist and delicious. Two types of white fish (I should know the variety, but I don't) and a moist salmon topped with salmon roe.

Already we were happy.

Next we had beef dumplings topped with fried onion. These were the most divine dumplings I had ever eaten. Dense, beefy and absolutely delicious.

The camera was forgotten until the Stroganoff (to share, we are not pigs) came out. The picture of the stroganoff is sideways. I am cook, not a techie. I tried to fix it, I failed. Wait til you see the red eye and off center photos I am going to add. You will be grateful for sideways beef.

The shopping trip to the Deli and the resulting dinner I will post later. Along with the photo of the salted lard. I am a big fan of the salted lard.


Yanon Soume said...

You loved the fish, you loved the dumplings but how was the stroganoff?

Did you have wine with lunch?

Chef...Karl Wilder said...

We had water with lunch. S.O. also had a cherry tea. As much as I do love a glass of wine, I rarely have any in the middle of the day.

The stroganoff was just okay. The meat was a little chewy and the sauce could have used more onion and more sour cream.

While serving fries with stroganoff seemed odd to us, they are great with the gravy.